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What's Plucky?

What is Plucky?
And why "Plucky"?

I was first asked these questions a week before my launch, and I was surprised at how quickly an answer popped out of my mouth.

Let’s start with the name. Plucky. In January of 2018, I started a little side hustle out of my kitchen making an organic elderberry syrup. I had been making it for our family, and a few friends had begun to inquire.


Within a few short flu-ridden months I had made nearly $1,000! I was shocked, pleased, and hooked! 

One afternoon while scrolling through Facebook, I was grabbed by an ad. I followed the clickbait, was sold, begged my husband to save-me-from-this-insanity and tell me it was a ridiculous idea, and return to life as I had known it. He laughed and laughed. Then he said, take your elderberry money and go for it!?

However, much as I loved my little elderberry business, I knew it wasn’t something I had dreams of growing.

So, I bought an online course, and in the restless months of winter, I decided to launch an e-commerce store. I didn’t have a clue (and now I only have half-a-clue) what I was setting out on, but I was excited, inspired, and enjoying the new adventure.

The last few years have been hard. We are licensed foster parents, and as a result, doubled in family size within a few short years.


Passionately raising a family is worthy work, don’t get me wrong.

It is some of the most valuable time EVER spent, but in the process, I had forgotten a little bit about me.

I had forgotten that part of what our kids need, is to watch their parents continue to be awesome adults.

Money is snug (a half-dozen humans who share your last name will do that!), and I was feeling emotionally depleted from the all the transitions our family had experienced in such a short time. I was casually asked what my interests and passions were, and guys, I drew a blank. I was so shocked.

Life had settled enough that it was time for me to start chasing some awesome "adulting” (to borrow the words from my favorite writing coach, Julie Bogart).

I didn’t have a clue what I wanted my store to sell, but I knew I wanted it to capture the essence of bravery. I was instructed in my class to not get hung up on a name, just make a decision and move on. So being the good little Type-A student I was, I pulled open a Thesaurus, typed in the word brave, hit enter and just waited a second.

As I skimmed the list, Plucky caught my eye. (I know, emotional and inspiring!).

I pushed hard researching products, following trends, learning what sells. As the winter turned to spring, my energy and excitement began to wane. Thinking back to my elderberry syrup, I realized it wasn’t about the product, it was about helping my friends find health. It was the greater purpose behind the product that I loved. That’s what inspired me!  I needed to find the same for Plucky.

Athletic pants, and pineapple print dresses just wouldn’t give me that same satisfaction.

Then I stumbled on a picture in my newsfeed (same newsfeed that set me out on this ridiculous journey) that made me stop in my tracks. It re-defined everything for me. It lit me on fire. 

Look at what this mama wrote about her precious daughter:
(used with permission)


As tears welled in my eyes I thought, “Yes, Myka is such a brave little girl, the bravest of the brave, but it’s because you are strong, Regan.

Your quiet, behind-the-scenes strength fuels Myka’s bravery.

I wanted to cheer, and clap, and cry, and celebrate Regan. And I didn’t know how.

I imagine I’m not the only mom, who has struggled to find a way to celebrate these warrior women, so I designed the “You’ve Been Noticed” gift box.

I was no longer selling T-shirts, I had an opportunity to help women feel noticedI was no longer marketing bracelets, I was giving women the opportunity to be reminded that they are enough.

And I no longer dreamed about kids' clothes, but rather kids throwing kindness in every corner they visit!

Guys, I’m CRAZY about this. I daydream about ways to help more people feel touched by love. It all begins with simple acts of ordinary kindness.

I’m so incredibly excited to have you join my Kindness Tribe.
I can’t wait to see where it takes us, together!


~ Lindsay