What's Plucky?

You found me!!!

Behind every business is a human working hard on a dream!

Hi, I'm Lindsay!


I love:

    • Finding the good.
    • Celebrating beauty.
    • Creating joy.
    • And eating tacos (and mostly alllll spicy food).
    • I've also been bugging my cute husband for the last 14 years, and I'm a mom to 6 kids!

    I dream of:

      • Women who know they belong.
      • Women who feel so loved it's contagious.

        Plucky means courage in the face of difficulty. Showing up in each others lives, allowing ourselves to be loved, and extending that love to those around us takes pluck (courage!!).

        This boutique exists to help you NEVER miss another chance at following your gut and showing love. Looking for the perfect little something to let someone know you see them? You are standing with them? You feel heavy for them? You are celebrating with them?

        Let me help you out!! I'll even take care of the trip to the post office when you mail gifts directly to them!!

        The world needs you! I'm glad you are here!


        xox, Lindsay


        P.S. I'd love it if you joined my email tribe! I won't spam you! Just the best deals and ideas to keep you inspired and throwing kindness around like stinkin' confetti!