You Said What?

Lindsay Roseberry

Posted on August 18 2020

I would never say that to a friend

Ugh. Look at your hair.

Have you done anything else but sit today?
You are so needy.
No wonder you don't have a good friend.
No wonder he left.
That was stupid.
Don't bother trying, you'll fail.
You're messing up these kids.
You will never get it right.
Eating that again?

Make it stop.

"Talk Pretty to Me" is a monthly mindest reset delivered right to your door.
It's designed to interrupt your negative self-talk, and help you create a new, lovely and kind pattern of thinking.
I would NEVER say those things to a friend. Never.
So why is it such a battle to not say them to ourselves?
Are you tired of the mental jerk? Are you ready to invest some energy in creating new and beautiful ways of thinking?

The First Month You Subscribe to Talk Pretty to Me You will receive:

Physical “Talk Pretty to Me” 11x17 Print $24.99


Handcrafted Easy Change Wooden Frame $19.99


Digital 52 Week Guided Gratitude Journal $14.99


Digital 5x7 print for printing and gifting  $9.99


Digital Lock screen print for your phone $3.99


Over $70 Value for just $19.99!

 per month

Plus FREE shipping every single month!


About the time your mind is ignoring those powerful words, a new print will arrive!

Each monthly print is designed to help you continue your kind inner dialogue.

In addition to the monthly physical print, you'll also receive a digital 5x7 and lockscreen!


Are you ready to flip the switch from critic to cheerleader? 

It's time to silence the jerk and re-write the script. Don't you agree?



Click here to begin your journey!



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