Watermelon Plucky Drop!

Lindsay Roseberry

Posted on June 15 2020

Watermelon Plucky Drop!


Wait, what is a Plucky Drop?!


Simply put, a Plucky Drop is when you randomly drop something off on someone's doorstep without warning! 


Plucky means courage! It takes some guts to run up to someones door and drop something off! It's SO much fun! 


My most go-to Plucky Drop item is a cup of coffee!! I love surprising friends and family with a little caffeinated cup of joy.


Over the last few years we have totally mixed it up! We've decorated porches with pumpkins and mums, we've left treasures buried in a friends sandbox, and today, we dropped off watermelons! Yep! Watermelons!

It's such a fun way to put a smile on someones face! And totally easy!

1. Pick which neighbors or friends you want to surprise!

2. Purchase your melons.

3. Print these CUTE free tags.

4. Tape the tags on the melons.

5. Drop them off and RUN!


Who is going to join me?!

I put these tags together to keep it SUPER easy!!

Print your tags HERE! 


Happy Watermelon Plucky Dropping!! 

Oh, and be warned, it's kind of addicting!! 




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