Supporting Small Businesses without Spending $1!

JohnThomas Roseberry

Posted on May 18 2020

Supporting Small Businesses without Spending $1!

We allllll want to cheer on our favorite businesses right now, but we also know that buying, ordering, or utilizing their services is not always an option.


As a small business owner, here are 4 legit ways that really give businesses a boost. You don't have to leave your house, and you don't have to spend a $1!! They realllllly do help us!! 


Leave a review!

Reviews are SOOOOO helpful. Reviews help us to communicate that we can be trusted! 

Reviews can be left directly on items purchased, on Facebook pages, and even Google!!

Your review bridges the gap between those we have never met, and those who have had a good experience. Your review could literally be what gives a new customer the courage to give that service, item, or business a chance! 


Taking a picture and sharing it on social media helps spread the word!

Good ol' fashion word of mouth is a big boost! 


Anytime you like, comment or share a post, it communicates to Instagram and Facebook that this is content people could benefit from. When your favorite shops post, hit that like button, or drop a quick heart in the comments. If businesses don’t get enough likes and comments, Facebook actually stops showing that information to others!

Open Emails

Did you know that when you open emails, and occasionally reply to them, you actually help them stay out of spam folders? 

Not interested anymore? It's totally fine! Just hit unsubscribe to help the business continue to get the correct information in the correct hands!


What would you add to the list? 


Continue to be kind!! You are the best!




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