My 5 Most Used Apps This Week!

Lindsay Roseberry

Posted on April 05 2020

My 5 Most Used Apps This Week!

My kids have almost used Zoom more times in this last month, than I EVER have as an adult.


As much as I truly dislike social distancing, I have REALLY enjoyed watching the clever ways we have all come up with staying connected!


If you have a little extra time on your hands this week, check out my favorite, go-to Apps for keeping me organized, moving, and connected to others!!


These are my TOP 5 most used Apps this week!

Down Dog

My sweet friend encouraged me to try it. Typically $30 a month, but TOTALLY free right now. SUPER simple to set up. Plays soothing music and steps you through gentle, calming yoga sequences, or challenging, quick paced ones. I especially love this right before bed.


Use it to get your friends and family all on the same screen. My kids join the NEATEST online class everyday all about Kindness. The possibilities are endless!


This is where I keep ALL the things organized! My menu for the week, my work to-do’s, my shopping lists. I LOVE this!


Music, music and more music!! What more can I say! I just use the free version. 

Messenger Video:

This is a SUPER quick way to video chat with a friend! Almost *everyone* has messenger! Just hit the video button and it will call them!!! 


What are a few of you most used Apps?! Drop them in the comments and I'll check them out!

Stay healthy and well,



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