7 Ways to Encourage Healthcare Workers!

Lindsay Roseberry

Posted on May 12 2020

7 Ways to Encourage Healthcare Workers!

Do you want to cheer on healthcare workers, but need some ideas?!

Here are 7 simple ways you can cheer on those working in our medical facilities!


1. Put a sign in your window or car! 

“We are SO THANKFUL for our Doctors and Nurses”


“Are you wearing scrubs? WE LOVE YOU!” 

2. Text them a mobile coffee giftcard.

3. Text them a grocery giftcard.

4. Paint rocks and tuck into the flower beds outside a hospital.

5. Send them a This Superhero Wears Scrubs necklace or lanyard

6. Thank them on social media/give them a shout out!

7. Heart Attack! Decorate their door with hearts!

(Need a Heart Attack Kit?! Buy One Here!)

They are tired! They are working hard! 

Let’s CHEER them on!!!


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