2 Tips to Keep Facebook Uplifting!

Lindsay Roseberry

Posted on September 03 2020

2 Tips to Keep Facebook Uplifting!






Did I mention Negativity?!


Last week during our Monday Morning Coffee Chat on Facebook Live 
I shared 2 simple tips for keeping your facebook feed a positive space!
Anywhere that humans gather, in person, or digitally on social media, there will be negativity and drama. It’s just part of human nature.
We are all at different points in our journeys. Our confusion and hurt spills out in weird ways in weird places.
Thankfully, Facebook doesn’t HAVE to be a place where you are surrounded by negativity! Some people have chosen to take a break, delete the app and poof, problem solved.
If you are like me, there are SO many different reasons that you use Facebook! I love keeping connected with those afar. I love being a part of support groups. I find genuine inspiration following favorite authors. There is a lot of good that I don’t want to delete out of my feed! 

So these are 2 things I do to help keep

Facebook uplifting space:


Remember why I’m on Facebook! For me personally, it’s not to argue, prove a point, or defend my thoughts. It’s to find support, and lend support.


UNFOLLOW!! Did you know you can unfollow a friend without unfriending them?? They get no notification, and it simply removes their posts from your feed! You can go visit their page anytime, get caught up on their family, or say hi, but you don’t have to constantly see their posts!

When do I choose to unfollow? 
Their posts make me want to argue.  
Their posts cause me to think unkind things about them or what they believe.
Their posts discourage me or make me feel less. 
I get to choose who I’m surrounding myself with when I enter Facebook! You do too! 
If there are people and groups that keep you inspired and put a smile on your face, don’t tell them goodbye, instead utilize that magical unfollow button and wave goodbye to the negativity!
Hope these tips help you continue to enjoy what is beautiful!

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